Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just a little hello

Just a little hello to you all!
I know Im not as present on here as I once was and I'd really like that to change.

If Im honest, it's not cause I don't have enough time or anything like that, 
its actually cause I am notorious for forgetting my passwords and each and every time I have to create a new one as so this vicious cycle begins again! (insert frustrated face here)

Anyways- I plan on posting here more regularly, but for daily (almost) updates follow along on my instagram account. 

Heres whats been coming to life on my art desk lately.
And any time drop me a line and say hi! 
Love Elise Maree.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Some Pretties

Well hello you!

I just wanted to show you some pretty paintings (incase you haven't seen my IG lately @elisemareefehr) that Ive been working on for a wonderful company back in Sydney!
(Ill share with you soon)

I do hope these artworks inspire you and bring a smile to your face, OH AND feel free to drop me a line (and by line I mean e-mail) with which ones you would buy as a card or print and the WHY! 
I love knowing what draws someone to my work!

Much love to you,
Elise Maree

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentines Day GIVEAWAY

As all of you know, #ValentinesDay is almost here, So I wanted to give away a little set of #EliseMaree goodies.

Here's how to be entered... 

1). Follow @elisemareefehr (Head on over to my instagram)
2). Tag 3 friends who you love and adore 


3). Repost this photo above on instagram (or any #EliseMaree photo off my IG feed that you love) and tag @elisemareefehr in it.

The giveaway will run from Monday 30th Jan until Friday 3rd of February 10pm (MST)

The winner will receive all the goodies pictured and a 20% off Etsy coupon to my store for anything additional they'd like to purchase! (This must be used within the month of February 2017)

The winner will be announced within 24 hours of the competition closing!

Have a blast sharing and reposting!

Love Elise Maree