Monday, July 6, 2015

Yummy Colouring


Most people dread Monday, however I have been looking forward to it all weekend because its meant I get to finally share with you my new little card line.

"Yummy Colouring"
One of the MOST exciting things about this "Yummy Colouring" card line is that they are in fact colouring in greeting cards!
YES-you did hear right!

You are the one who gets to be creative and personalise these cards for who ever you are giving these to OR who you give it to can get creative and let their inner child shine bright.

The cool thing is not only do coloured pencils work on these- but so does watercolour! 
(WHA! crazy right!?)

These are perfect for any occasion -birthdays, love notes, or just cause you appreciate someone and you can buy these from my Etsy store.

I hope you really enjoy these!
lots of Love 
Elise Maree.

"You Are Delicious Greeting Card"

"Three Scoops Greeting Card"

"You are Yummy Greeting Card"

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