Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentines Day

With Valentines Day just around the corner all you love birds and honey bee's better start thinking of that perfect card for your darling.

  ~ side note though ~

Valentines day is not just subject to those who are head over heals in love- 
It's actually a day to celebrate every kind of love. 

I'll share a little something with you...

Valentines day and my relationships have never really 'coordinated', but there are 2 of the 26 Valentines days Ive experienced that are very precious and close to my heart-
One of which I will share with you...

I actually remember one Valentines day when I was maybe 10...

 My Dad bought home each of his girls (Mum, Mon and I) a gift.
He gave me and Mon a ring each, wished us a happy valentines day and told us that he loved us.

Now maybe that seems like just a nice gesture, but I think as a little girl seeing my Dad bring home his greatest love- my Mum a gift and then to receive a ring from him on the day that celebrated the truest of loves my heart exploded a little as I had been given a gift from the greatest man and the greatest love that I had ever known so far to that day. 

 It was honestly like the world had just been handed to me- I felt truly adored and cherished and I remember wearing that ring and beaming with knowing that this represented who I was loved by.

So with that little story- love can come in all kinds of forms, so change it up this year- Buy a card for someone who you love and adore that isn't the romantic, kissy kissy, kind of love. 

These cards can be bought here or a collection of paper good stores in Australia..
(Maybe someone will even send me one way over here in Canada!)

Love Elise Maree

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