Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentines Day

With Valentines Day just around the corner all you love birds and honey bee's better start thinking of that perfect card for your darling.

  ~ side note though ~

Valentines day is not just subject to those who are head over heals in love- 
It's actually a day to celebrate every kind of love. 

I'll share a little something with you...

Valentines day and my relationships have never really 'coordinated', but there are 2 of the 26 Valentines days Ive experienced that are very precious and close to my heart-
One of which I will share with you...

I actually remember one Valentines day when I was maybe 10...

 My Dad bought home each of his girls (Mum, Mon and I) a gift.
He gave me and Mon a ring each, wished us a happy valentines day and told us that he loved us.

Now maybe that seems like just a nice gesture, but I think as a little girl seeing my Dad bring home his greatest love- my Mum a gift and then to receive a ring from him on the day that celebrated the truest of loves my heart exploded a little as I had been given a gift from the greatest man and the greatest love that I had ever known so far to that day. 

 It was honestly like the world had just been handed to me- I felt truly adored and cherished and I remember wearing that ring and beaming with knowing that this represented who I was loved by.

So with that little story- love can come in all kinds of forms, so change it up this year- Buy a card for someone who you love and adore that isn't the romantic, kissy kissy, kind of love. 

These cards can be bought here or a collection of paper good stores in Australia..
(Maybe someone will even send me one way over here in Canada!)

Love Elise Maree

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kids Party Host

Well hello to you!
I hope you are all well and that your eyes have been getting filled with all kinds of wonderful things.

Now, I have some very EXCITING news to share with you.
Some of you may have heard the old saying- "As one door closes, another door opens"?!

Well I have found this to be true!
 it seems as though I find myself standing before a new, BIG and very exciting door!

Yes,  The rumours are true- 
I, Elise Maree, am launching out as a KIDS PARTY HOST!

What does this mean I hear some of you say?..

Well, I am teaming up with a local kids cafe in Toronto -"Red fish, Blue Fish" and you can hire their studio space for me to host a craft party in or I can come to your home and host the birthday there for your little one and all their guests. 

I have a selection of already created craft parties like "Imaginary Friends", "Sweet Treats", "Frozen", "Pirates and Mermaids" or we can even collaborate and create a custom made party that will delight any young heart.

I am thrilled to be doing this, as I have had this up my sleeve for a while now.


For more details please e-mail me at:

Lets get chatting. 
Love Elise Maree.

Ps. below are pictures from an "Imaginary Friends" birthday party. 

Images by the lovely Chelsea Gomez.