Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi One and All.
Hope you are all ready for Christmas time!
I just cant believe how fast this year has gone!!
Goodness gracious me.

I just wanted to share with you some fun photos from my Saturday at Pikto Gallery.
As you may, or may not know- I currently have a exhibition on in the Distillery District at Pikto (Up until early jan) and last weekend we held a kids craft work shop, an Elise Maree Pop up shop, as well as a meet the artist!

Honestly I think it was one of the most wonderful days ever Ive lived in!
There was one point where I was stuck in the corner with my friend Vanessa cause the gallery was so jam packed!

I must say it was pretty//VERY humbling and surreal moment for me and I thought to myself- this is what Im meant to be doing...forever! 

A massive thank you to everyone who said hello, played in the workshop and got lost in my art.
You make it all worthwhile.

Much Love
Elise Maree.

Ps. I would love to encourage you coming into the new year- discover what you love, seek it out, hunt it down and once you find it- never let it go.

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