Monday, August 4, 2014

On the rooftops of london, coo what a sight.

As you may or may not know off I went to one of my favourite cities in the wold- LONDON.
 I came for my dearest friends birthdays, as well as her brothers wedding day, 
(which was so lovely).

Tomorrow I am leaving this wonderful country and am flying home (to Toronto) and await the embrace of all those who make that place my home.

Honestly, I have truly enjoyed myself and want to share some of my snap shots with you. 

My London adventure was filled with bike riding around Hyde Park in search of Peter Pan. Roaming through lavender fields, sipping lavender tea (-as well as endless amounts of any tea for that matter), lots of catching up and giggling with friends, Laduree' macaroon dates, long train rides, midnight walks and talks, cobble stone pathways, encounters with fox's, finding such delight in the english accent, ripping up dance floors and in the end I take all of these memories with me, as well as taking Big Ben home in my pocket -on a keychain.

London, Its always a pleasure. 
Thank you for having me!
(until next time)

Love Elise Maree. 

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