Sunday, June 8, 2014

I love you hundreds and thousands

This is my latest print.
"I love you hundreds and thousands"

For those of you who may look at this and say-"What in the world is this...?"
Let me tell you...

This my friends is the very famous "Fairy Bread" which could be found (and I'm sure still can be found) at almost every Australian child's birthday party.

All Fairy Bread is, is white bread, covered in margarine or butter and then covered in sprinkles or "hundreds and thousands" and its always cut into triangles. 

Its so fun!
and I miss not seeing it line table tops at birthday parties.

Now if you haven't tried it before maybe pop to the shop and pick up some bread, butter and some sprinkles/hundreds and thousands, maybe even invite some friends over! 

Enjoy this and you can buy these here!
They are a limited edition so get in quick.

Much Love 
Elise Maree.

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