Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Joy.

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Joy. 

I was just going over to the ever so inspiring  "Oh Joy" blog to have a look if there were any hints of her new line with Target and look at what I found... 
(There's a few things)

Lets start with this ABSOLUTELY, out of this world paper animation by the ever so talented paper artist Chloé Fleury.

This particular paper animation is actually for the Oh Joy for Target Summer collection.
"A Sunny Picnic Party"

I am gob smacked at the lovely and fun details that are in this!
My favourite part is Joys little sandals and her socks! 

Tomorrow the US and Canada Target shelves will be full of these cheery and playful summer picnic delights.

This summer just got a whole lot better.

Elise Maree.

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