Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding Fun

So a little while ago I worked on a couple of creative components for a "friend of a friends" wedding-which I TOTALLY forgot to share with you.

The wonderful couple requested me to create a personalised colouring book for them to be a part of their "goodie bags" for the kids table at their wedding. 

It featured their pride and joy - Box Terrier, Ella who I couldn't resist putting on almost every page- (some were pop-up, surprise appearances-that the kids would have to find), as well as the "To-be-Wed" couple in front of their newly bought home, a cute wedding "find-a-word" and a few other special, "lovey dovey" moments-like the proposal.


I also created MANY fun and playful props for their photo booth.
Have a little peak below to see how it all came together
if you have found the one you love and would maybe like something special like this please send me an e-mail at

Love Elise Maree

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