Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding Fun

So a little while ago I worked on a couple of creative components for a "friend of a friends" wedding-which I TOTALLY forgot to share with you.

The wonderful couple requested me to create a personalised colouring book for them to be a part of their "goodie bags" for the kids table at their wedding. 

It featured their pride and joy - Box Terrier, Ella who I couldn't resist putting on almost every page- (some were pop-up, surprise appearances-that the kids would have to find), as well as the "To-be-Wed" couple in front of their newly bought home, a cute wedding "find-a-word" and a few other special, "lovey dovey" moments-like the proposal.


I also created MANY fun and playful props for their photo booth.
Have a little peak below to see how it all came together
if you have found the one you love and would maybe like something special like this please send me an e-mail at

Love Elise Maree

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Paper To Petal.



Oh my goodness... 
{take a breath}
I can not even begin to describe my excitement for this book to be released into the world and into bookstores. 

Paper to Petal is a delectable and delightful "craft by hand" book by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell (an explosively talented married duo) that each and every creative should own and make a space for on their bookshelf or night stand-if it cant be in your hands at all times.
AND did I mention it is forwarded by the one and only Martha Stewart (my friend Andrew would be over the moon!)  

Enjoy watching this little snippet video and make sure you jump online and pre-order this beauty-as well as go out and buy hundreds of sheets of colourful crate paper and find those scissors.

Love Elise Maree

Sunday, August 4, 2013



Here it is-the finished piece!
"Your most longed for, most dreamed of"
Again, this piece was for Hannah who won my #elisemaree art competition on instagram!

I had SO much fun making this piece and look forward to creating more pieces for more winners in the near, close, soon,upcoming, not very far away future.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.
Elise Maree. xo