Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm off to see the Queen

We have a date. Tea and crumpets shall be served promptly at 2pm. 
No not really, But I am off to see my best friend Hannah in exactly a week- to spend christmas with her and her family-who is basically my family as well! I am SO EXCITED.
I am packing up my bags and off I shall go.

This will be my third visit to England and I cant wait to explore and have some quality time with a girl who makes my life so much fuller and so much richer. 

I am looking forward to jumping on a big red double decker bus, ice-skating, banoffee pie, watching for foxes in her backyard, drinking tea with her Mum and Dad, maybe seeing a play, going to the markets and roaming cobble stone streets.

Be sure to check in for some photos and updates of old london town. Or even if you have any "must do's or see's" let me know!


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