Friday, November 9, 2012

You'll Never Guess What!!?

We've been wishing and hoping and planning and praying – and now it's finally happened!

My blog has been redesigned by the most wonderful designer I know (and I think in the world) – Alyssa Yuhas. Who I have the privilege of also calling my friend! Not to mention her wonderful partner in crime – my photographer, Shane Yuhas.

We've been dreaming this up for a little while now but I am thrilled with the finished product and happy to tell you every little detail is created by my hands.

Be sure to keep checking in for new creations, discoveries and adventures!
Much love,
Elise Maree 


  1. So proud of you Elise! And happy I could play a part...
    Can't wait to see where this creative space takes you this year!

  2. The new layout looks fabulous! Alyssa has done wonders :) LOVE IT! You must be so happy!


  3. Your layout is BEAUTIFUL Elise!!
    You and your little crew did an amazing job!