Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I just realised I hadn't shared this beauty with you before.
So let me tell you how it all began...

I discovered "Kinfolk"  I believe late last year, actually through instagram- An american girl I follow would always post these romantic morning tea settings with kinfolk accompanied by cups of coffee or would be curled up in bed with this magazine and so I decided to hunt this down and see what the fuss was about.

I eventually found "Kinfolk" in Pulp (Sydney Australia) -actually when I was working there and decided to have a read in a 'down hour'- from there it became my beautiful addiction. That afternoon, I purchased one and decided that this would be my tomorrow morning well spent.

As I read and looked through the pictures, I found myself completely captivated and in awe of these descriptive and enriching stories. All my senses came alive; The Stories of ways of life, thoughtful processes, shared meals, joyous occasions, family traditions, people's meetings and encounters all spoke to my spirit and I felt like I had been revived.

I feel like Kinfolk awakens you and gives you permission to breath, to wander, to think, to love, to create, to enjoy, to ponder, to see, to taste, to smell, to touch and to share.

It is a magazine that teaches you and reminds you of what it means to truly enjoy life.
So do yourself a favour, find a Kinfolk and go to your favourite place and set aside some time to read, soak and enjoy.

Elise Maree

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