Monday, November 26, 2012

Justine Martin

My darling friend Justine reminds me of a magic toy box - the kind that when one opens it characters and toys come to life and perform for you.
Costumes swirl and parade around you, while dolls with painted cheeks giggle and curtsey,  giraffes stroll the streets in fine and fancy hats and jack in the box pops up at any unexpected time.

Justine loves Bows, Butterflies, has the most cheeky little smile I have ever seen AND she has just launched her EP "O Sailor Man" (which you can buy on itunes) and what a playful, fun and quirky EP it is.
This is what I love about Justine- She is an incredible storyteller and has this ability to create songs and music that contain unexpected and surprising things..
So have a listen and be delighted in her playfulness and whimsy.

PS. I was the featured artist in her little film clip "O Sailor Man"
Elise Maree

1 comment:

  1. Oh isn't she just divine!

    I jumped onto itunes and bought it :)