Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I just realised I hadn't shared this beauty with you before.
So let me tell you how it all began...

I discovered "Kinfolk"  I believe late last year, actually through instagram- An american girl I follow would always post these romantic morning tea settings with kinfolk accompanied by cups of coffee or would be curled up in bed with this magazine and so I decided to hunt this down and see what the fuss was about.

I eventually found "Kinfolk" in Pulp (Sydney Australia) -actually when I was working there and decided to have a read in a 'down hour'- from there it became my beautiful addiction. That afternoon, I purchased one and decided that this would be my tomorrow morning well spent.

As I read and looked through the pictures, I found myself completely captivated and in awe of these descriptive and enriching stories. All my senses came alive; The Stories of ways of life, thoughtful processes, shared meals, joyous occasions, family traditions, people's meetings and encounters all spoke to my spirit and I felt like I had been revived.

I feel like Kinfolk awakens you and gives you permission to breath, to wander, to think, to love, to create, to enjoy, to ponder, to see, to taste, to smell, to touch and to share.

It is a magazine that teaches you and reminds you of what it means to truly enjoy life.
So do yourself a favour, find a Kinfolk and go to your favourite place and set aside some time to read, soak and enjoy.

Elise Maree

Monday, November 26, 2012

Justine Martin

My darling friend Justine reminds me of a magic toy box - the kind that when one opens it characters and toys come to life and perform for you.
Costumes swirl and parade around you, while dolls with painted cheeks giggle and curtsey,  giraffes stroll the streets in fine and fancy hats and jack in the box pops up at any unexpected time.

Justine loves Bows, Butterflies, has the most cheeky little smile I have ever seen AND she has just launched her EP "O Sailor Man" (which you can buy on itunes) and what a playful, fun and quirky EP it is.
This is what I love about Justine- She is an incredible storyteller and has this ability to create songs and music that contain unexpected and surprising things..
So have a listen and be delighted in her playfulness and whimsy.

PS. I was the featured artist in her little film clip "O Sailor Man"
Elise Maree

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello, Ciao, Bonjour, Hola

Hello to all.
I hope you are liking the new blog and all its fine details.
For those of you who have just found me WELCOME AND HELLO from me to you.

Seeing as Christmas is only 42 days, 2 hours, 41 minutes and 15 seconds away I decided I wanted to start sharing with you some of my wish list items. 

Here is number one.
As I am a true believer in snail mail, love notes and writing letters there wouldn't be a better way then to begin this off with a writing set from the amazingly talented Rifle Paper Co
It is a set of 12 writing cards and envelopes with charming characters from cities all over the world. 
Now keep in mind these were created exclusively for Anthropologie -which makes it even more special. So pop into a store near you or jump online and place your order.
Elise Maree

Friday, November 9, 2012

You'll Never Guess What!!?

We've been wishing and hoping and planning and praying – and now it's finally happened!

My blog has been redesigned by the most wonderful designer I know (and I think in the world) – Alyssa Yuhas. Who I have the privilege of also calling my friend! Not to mention her wonderful partner in crime – my photographer, Shane Yuhas.

We've been dreaming this up for a little while now but I am thrilled with the finished product and happy to tell you every little detail is created by my hands.

Be sure to keep checking in for new creations, discoveries and adventures!
Much love,
Elise Maree