Saturday, September 8, 2012

Extra, Extra Read all about it

Goodness me it feels like forever since I have shared anything fun and exciting with you.
And boy do I have some news to tell you- I have just moved across the world (again), Back to Canada but to a new city, Toronto~ actually it was to help start a church ... hence why I have been out of action for a while.
A team of 8 of us, packed up our worlds into 2 Uhaul vans and drove across Canada, from Calgary to Toronto (through the states) and what a fun four day drive it was. Full of truck stops, beef jerky, Katy Perry dance parties, late night swims at our hotel and life changing conversation.

Here's one of our trucks. This one in particular was not a truck that made you feel safe~ as we packed it a little 'left' heavy so when we would go around corners you felt like we might tip over! 
(we laugh about it now) 

Here is a map at one of our MANY truck stops. We were somewhere in America~ I'm not much of a navigator, so I don't even remember where this was. 

So now we are just getting settled in, assembling ikea furniture and exploring this place we now call home. There are so many wonderful things to find in this city, not to mention endless things to see and do. Tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) is coming up and many stars come to town for the premiers of the films they star in~ There is a certain celeb I wouldn't mind seeing from afar~ but ill never tell my crush! 
Anyway, Keep your eyes peeled as I have many more fun things to tell you about and share.

Much Love
Elise Maree

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So here is a little sneak peak of a project I am currently working on for a friends music video clip.
I'll keep you posted & I'll be sure to post the finished product here by the end of September or early October.

Much Love