Monday, April 30, 2012

Creative Spaces

Heres a fun little picture of me in my creative space that was taken by my darling friend Dalyce that I just HAD to share with you.
I wanted you to see where the magic happens.

Here's what I know and think about "Creatives Spaces":

I believe that its absolutely crucial for each "creative/artist" to have a space thats completely their own and that they can dedicate to creating!

It could be a desk, a room, a wall, a garage, a chair or a basement, just anything that you can call your own.
Its the kind of space that inspires you, the kind of space you want to spend time in. Its full of all of their favorite things, Those things that excite and energize you and those things that speak to you.  Whether its a print of another artist you admire or a collection of wooden coloured pencils, maybe its a card thats words encouraged you, rolls of printed papers or a box of rusted scissors...what ever it is that makes you feel alive and excited surround your creative space with it.

I know for me I love different glass jars and glass cups and fun pencils to fill them with. Like my collection of lead pencils that are wrapped in fun coloured polka dot paper and look like they have a birthday party on top of them or even little messages in bottles. Again its all about what brings you joy and inspiration.

Another thing that I think is important is a space that you can leave and come back to as is. Its got to be a space that you can walk away from for a few days and not worry about it getting in anyone else's way or 'under anyone else's skin'. The last thing you want is someone demanding you clean up the kitchen table!

Here are some more little tips and tricks:

~Keep your essentials stocked up- the last thing you want to happen is you get into your 'groove' or "in the zone' only to figure out you have run out of blue paint! By the time you run to the store to get it you may have lost your zeal.

~Play music that enhances your creativity. Doesn't matter if its a grand symphony classic or some wild hardcore punk band turn it on and turn it up. What ever gets you going!

~Be always looking and collecting. Every thing your eyes see and you come across can be used as inspiration. If you have trouble remembering things carry a pen/pencil and a notebook/sketch book in your bag and jot it all down as it comes to you. Collect business cards, write down blogs and artists work that you come across at openings or markets. Continually soak it all up.

and finally...

~ Set aside time or days to purposely create- I am learning to love this and trust me I know this may seem difficult, however I believe part of good creating is not always in those 'hype'/'genius' moments. You need to discipline your creative mind to create cause sometimes you feel like you are in the dessert but sometimes you will be stuck with deadlines and if you dont deliver you may not get asked again. Its about practise and remember to take time to just stop and sit, think, ponder, doodle, write, listen.
You may be surprised at what may begin to take place.

I hope this helped all you creatives and I would love if you had any thoughts.
Elise Maree.


  1. The pencils are adorable! I love all these tips.
    I try and make my bedroom my creative space but it seems to spread across other rooms - much to my dads distaste!

  2. haha! this is too funny Alyssa!! I know the feeling! I wish It wasnt in my bedroom but we have no "spare space" so my desk is it and i try to keep my room spick and span!

    I wanted to ask you as well ...are you on instagram? xx

  3. yes i am!! instagram me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my thing is alyssass

    i was at an etsy meet up on sunday (coz i'm super freaking col) and I was hoping you were there!! alas no!!!!!

    1. oh what was the etsy meet up love to come next time...?! x

  4. It was fun, learning how to embroider! I'm now absolutely an embroidery master (in my mind....)

    They have another meetup on the 23rd I think it is, i'll email you the page when i find it.

    What's your insta thing?

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