Monday, May 21, 2012

Phebe Starr

Now here's someone you should definitely know about & someone to keep an eye and ear out for.

Her name is Phebe Starr and her music is the epitome of how beauty & mystery can collide with this phenomenal, out of this world edge.  

I feel like if you were to put David Bowie, Florence + The Machine & Lady Ga Ga into a blender Phebe Starr is who would be created. 
She is one of the most "Far out", Quirky and talented singer//song writers I have ever encountered and I am so excited to see her creating and unfolding all that she is to the world. 

So, get out your planner as you are not going to want to miss her launch "Alone with you" on June 14th at The Standard Bourke Street. (Book your tickets here

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Paper Trail

Everyone I am ever so pleased to inform you of the upcoming event and exhibition "The Paper Trail" produced by the ever so talented gals behind "Paper Runway Magazine".

The Exhibition kicks off on Friday May the 25th, At Art Park Byron Bay A&I Estate and workshops will be held all weekend by leading artists and paper product designers- (make sure you enroll those & spaces are limited)

Get the weekend off work, fill up you car with everyone you know who loves all things lovely, drive down or up (depending where you are) and soak in all that paper wonder (maybe even buy a piece of work- a portion of the sales go to NAPCAN- which works to eliminate child abuse) AND a piece of my work will be featured.

Its going to be a fun filled weekend.

Oh and dont forget to pick up the latest issue (5) its out now! Their First Birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday Girls.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I heard this on the radio on the way to work this morning and I said to myself "prepare to be blown away"  and how I was.
I LOVE this song "Spiritus" by the one and only Lisa Mitchell.
I love their bare feet and that some are in ankle booties and that this feels like this free, indie, kaleidoscope, sun kissed song!
Have a listen.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The perfect day

Today was the perfect day.
Things are really starting to happen for me guys!
I am now (and will be) selling in 3 shops (for now).
Here they are:
Pulp Creative Paper
Portobello Rose
Paper 2- Surrey Hills
Be sure to go in and have a look...maybe even buy a little "somethin somethin".

Its here. Its here.

Oh how I feel I have waited ever so long for this to arrive.
My order finally made it to my local bookstore and I can now call this my own.
This is the most perfect book cover I have ever seen and owned.
You may have seen my previous post about it, however I will tell you again. penguin has teamed up/collaborated with artists to create their book covers and what is so appealing and wonderful about this is that its all stitched! The artist is Rachell Sumpter and what a talent she is.
The funnest feature about this book though is that when you open the cover it actually has the back of the original artwork printed on it..and for those of you who have done sewing, hand embroidery etc it can look like a wonderful and colourful mess and indeed this does.
Well done Rachell-love love love your work.