Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Print is not dead"//Anthology Magazine

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

I found this fun little stop motion "Print is not dead" by Anthology Magazine (2010)
& Oh how lovely it is indeed.
I love her outfits and all her coloured tights and just everything in how this piece was put together. I really like the song too. Listen to the words. I think its funny.
as for Anthology (the magazine) I first came across her at a friends house, then sitting on an old wooden table at a store waiting to be picked up and delighted in.
I have never looked back since and with shoulders held high I would say it is by far my favourite magazine.
and this is what I think I love the most- this magazine began over a brunch of 2 friends (Meg and Anh-Minh) in a San Francisco Cafe over a shared appreciation for 'print'.

Thank you Meg & Anh Minh for your vision, creativity and inspiring women & men all around the world.

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