Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make it

So this morning I went on a little adventure with my dear friend Lizy Loo.

We went to the Farmers Market where we found many eatable treats and I bought a raspberry macaroon~it will be my first since my trip to Paris~how will it compare I wonder!?

Then we headed to "Make it"- (the hand made revolution) where again we discovered some up coming talent and creative geniuses.
This was by far the pick of the day.

heydaydesign has been in love with vintage canning jars ever since finding their first ‘improved gem’ jar in the summer of 2008; since then, they've discovered an impressive array of styles in the cupboards and basements of our grandparents as well as, luckily, the odd thrift store.

These are a true delight and inspired me greatly.

One day I will have one of my very own.

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