Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little tale to tell.

New York is a fast paced, busy and rushed city though it has much to offer.
Here's a little story of my time in New york.
Though it was only a week, it was a week well spent.
It consisted of ...
Exploring streets and avenues & getting lost along the way- brilliant inconveniences one may say.
Watching musicals & being transported to those worlds in which were on stage.
Eating out at some fine and fancy places- while some were not so fine and fancy.
Dressing up and singing on a horse and carriage ride.
Exploring central park while being accompanied by the smell of roasting sugar nuts and the sweet music of a saxophonist.
Ferry rides to Statton Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty.
Hunting through Flee Markets and finding endless treasures.
Sitting and Dazing in quaint cafes and finding hidden art galleries.
My eyes almost exploding out of my head due to innovative and deliciously exquisite window displays by Anthropologie.
(above photos)
Seeing things Ive never seen before like ladders climbing up buildings & endless streets lined with hundreds of yellow taxis.
Climbing levels in the elevator of the Empire State Building & feeling just a glimpse of what a bird must feel when it fly's above the world.
Over all I'd say I had an enjoyable trip.


  1. How exciting! I LOVE that last photo in your post!

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