Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Off Again.

I'm off again.
To "Rainy Seattle"
(Out and About is now my forty.)
Tomorrow I am going to Seattle with an amazing team of leaders from my Church to go to GC conference hosted by Judah Smith.
and I will get to meet up with my Darling Friend Andi who is driving from Oregan.
Cant wait to cuddle and giggle with you Andi.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Does this girl like to doodle!!
and boy oh boy is she good at it. Oh I am intrigued by her work.
What a talent Jill Bliss - an Oregon Based Illustrator- where my darling friend Andi is from.
Andi I dedicate these to you.

If hearts could talk

I love this website.
Some of it is sweet. Some of it is heartbreaking and some is just irresistible.
(Also some of it is stupid.)
My faves.

Feb 12.
My Grandpa still calls my grandma "babe"

Feb 26.
I think I'll always miss you.

I'd like your love to find a place in my heart again.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A moment of pure magic

Firstly for those of you who have not seen Disney's "Up"- you must
Secondly for those of you who never believed this was possible...look at this...
National Geographic has put together an amazing project inspired by "Up" and have truly created something that makes you smile and captures your imagination.
"Two men wondered how hard could it be?"-Watch the report here.

Spring Clean

Well for those of us in North America/on the other side of the planet from Australia we are going into spring and today was glorious- you can tell she is on her way.
My favourite days are when the sun is warm and seems like an embrace from a long lost friend and then is accompanied by the sweet, cool air and maybe a gentle breeze.
I cleaned our house today and I feel satisfied.
Spring I welcome you with open arms.
Winter Wonderland...until we meet again.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh la la

Here's whats been forming on my living room table.
~PS. There is more to come~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To share

To Share these with you would be a sheer delight.
Anthropologie Store In NY.

(one day I will have a store like this)

Jack Diaz

Let her carry you away.
Her name is Jack Diaz and she is like a sweet song bird or a character you wish to come across in a day dream.
Her music is exquisite, dreamy and does things to my heart.
Her album "Jasmine Rice" is now available on iTunes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh what fun.

I just came across this illustrator Claudia Pearson and how her work thrills me.
Claudia draws things like pots and pans, measuring cups, peaches and ice-cream and she adds in little things like the what amounts of sugar or spice you will need in order to complete this food creation.
She has a way of bringing 'everyday items to life with such intricacy and detail
and I love that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here's a find

Just by chance I stumbled across this sweet little cupcake cafe hidden in the back streets of New York City & what joy it brang to me. My heart leaped out of my chest and I had no choice but to follow her into this cafe.
I spoke with the owner (but I have forgotten his name-If you dear owner ever read this please forgive me- I am truly not good at remembering names unless it is written on paper)
-he told me some of the stories of his family and the shop and how it all began.
His wife makes and decorates all the cakes and is also a talented artist (picture of her work above).
We tried a butter cream chocolate and vanilla cupcake and boy was it superb.
So if you are ever in NY- pay him a visit, enjoy a cake and give him my regards.

A little tale to tell.

New York is a fast paced, busy and rushed city though it has much to offer.
Here's a little story of my time in New york.
Though it was only a week, it was a week well spent.
It consisted of ...
Exploring streets and avenues & getting lost along the way- brilliant inconveniences one may say.
Watching musicals & being transported to those worlds in which were on stage.
Eating out at some fine and fancy places- while some were not so fine and fancy.
Dressing up and singing on a horse and carriage ride.
Exploring central park while being accompanied by the smell of roasting sugar nuts and the sweet music of a saxophonist.
Ferry rides to Statton Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty.
Hunting through Flee Markets and finding endless treasures.
Sitting and Dazing in quaint cafes and finding hidden art galleries.
My eyes almost exploding out of my head due to innovative and deliciously exquisite window displays by Anthropologie.
(above photos)
Seeing things Ive never seen before like ladders climbing up buildings & endless streets lined with hundreds of yellow taxis.
Climbing levels in the elevator of the Empire State Building & feeling just a glimpse of what a bird must feel when it fly's above the world.
Over all I'd say I had an enjoyable trip.

Had to share with you

"Where My friends Live"
~a new series by~
This series is about capturing her friends homes that they have created and decorated themselves.
Here is the first home- in which I have laughed, snuggled and felt inspired.