Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First snow fall

~White As Snow~
Last night I went to bed with an in cling from my roomie Dalyce that the first snow fall was in the air-she could feel it...
and today I awoke to my roomie Dalyce telling me to look outside..this I did and yes, you guessed correct the world in which I live was white- glorious, pure and white.
I am living in a winter wonderland
and I am so happy for her arrival.


  1. what on earth? since when are you living in Canada? when did all this happen? what have i missed?! fill me in!!!
    But how exciting of the first snow of the year! x

  2. Alyssa! yes I am in Canada-hence why if you have written me I have not replyed! haha I decided to come here on an adventure and just for a change in my life. One of my best friends- Dalyce lives here. we studied in australia together so I decided to get a visa and be on my merry way! haha
    how are you? x