Monday, October 4, 2010


As autumn leaves fall, So my hearts falls for you.
Hello Everyone and welcome to all those who are new to "All in a days work".
So as you know I'm in Canada and I am in experiencing my very first 'fall'
-better known to me as autumn.
This is the season where the trees willingly let go of their leaves and blazing reds and burnt oranges fill our eyes and cover our neighborhood.
Soups begin to make their way into cafes menus and scarves, hats and coats begin to creep out of our cupboards and drawers.
The days seem quieter, seem stiller and freshly crisp.
Pumpkin Spice lattes, Cinnamon toast, Pumpkin Carving, Halloween, Gloves and Thanksgiving are some things I will get to know well during fall.

Tell me what you love about fall?

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