Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I like this Lady..

Kristen Doran is a textiles designer..
I just stumbled across her from my Finders Keepers newsletter and seeing as I have been on the hunt for some fun cushions she caught my eye.
She has a blog and an online shop so why not check her out if you have a moment..
She makes everything from little coin purses, cushions to dresses.
I would describe her designs as sweet, intricate and delicate.
Enjoy her.

My very own nest

So as you will know by now, I am living in Canada for a little while..and Believe it or not this will be the first time I have ever ventured out of my dad and mums nest and will have one of my very own.
I will post photos soon once Dalyce and I move in and we're all set up.
Here are some inspiration shots that I am contemplating.
This is what I am most excited about..
Chosing tea towels, finding sweet plates, cups and decorated knives, forks and spoons and making it a home.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is Germany

Hi dears,
So I feel like I have neglected you, however I have been increadibly busy...So I was in Germany but am now in Canada..Calgary to be exact.. and I wanted to share some treats with you so here are some pictures I took in Germany...Everything will be back up and running properly shortly..