Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pulp Life

Fitted out with 70’s buffets and lamps, tattered old Persian rugs and Parker and Chiswell furniture, you get the distinct feeling you’re snooping around someone’s lounge room.

My favourite store Pulp Creative Paper is expanding/has a new store souly dedicated to home wares and all things creative. And her name is Pulp Life. It is like you have been caught in a time warp or a broken time machine, there are collected items from all decades, all eras- a mix of everything.

There are ...Olive wood rolling pins, chopping boards and a bowl of vintage Nana spectacles look perfect together. Rich colourful string and spool sets, handmade fabric cranes, screen printed tea towels and vintage afghan rugs accompany raw wood and stainless steel garden accessories and handmade owls made from granddads old jumper.

Oh take your self down Pittwater road, pull up and go hunting in this store that's just like a treasure chest or a hidden attic.
Could it be that we are turning back to appreciating hand made items and their more of these mass produced things I say.

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