Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paper Fun

Here are some lovely cards and stationary sets to get your little hands on.
Who wants to help me revive traditional letter writing??
Please contact me and we can become pen pals.
Remember pen pals and passing notes in class, secret love letters or even waking up to a letter left from your cousin on the dinning table as she left to go home early before you woke?
There is certainly something very special about writing letters or receiving one in the post. They are written forms of someones thoughts, life and heart.
I wish to one day be sent a secret letter in the claws of an owl or one that has washed up on the shore in a bottle or a sky writer to write me a letter across the sky.
My dad on my parents wedding day sent my mum a telegram..One day I hope to know what it said.


  1. I will be your penpal :)
    Ive been looking for some more recently :)

  2. Hi Sophie! whats your e-mail and ill grab your address and we can start this! :)

  3. lady ill write you letters... from the great distance of across sydney :)

    email me!