Saturday, April 17, 2010

Frankie:Sweet Treats

How could a kitchen be complete without Frankie's latest kitchen collectable "Sweet Treats". Just imagine it sitting on the bench open on your favourite recipe and baking for your friends and you to enjoy.
Now this is no ordinary book, it's one that contains tuck shop treats, carnival sweets and delicious finger licking goodies...Such as Candy Hearts, Sticky Apples and Honey Comb- How scrummy. (quote Hannah D.)
Can't wait to get it and see what else there is. mmm yum.


  1. I'm excited to get this as well!
    Did you get my comment about the art exchange?
    If you want to email me about it feel free-

  2. oh i hope they have it at finders keepers!!

  3. what are the dates for finders keepers again? Hi Just B. I did write back to you on your latest comment on your blog..

  4. Love Frankie magazine! My mouth is watering already...