Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rob Ryan

Now this is a man I'd like to get lost in the woods with.
I imagine he would see wonderful silhouettes why he'd even point them out to you and he would tell you stories, ones with happy endings.
I actually only realised I purchased one of his creations in card form and have it framed on my dresser not that long ago, but I am going to claim that I am now his number one fan.
Rob Ryan is featured in the latest issue of "Inside Out" magazine (their 10th anniversary issue-with an art auction) and when you purchase it you receive a tea towel with one of his design on it! what a treat.
He is full of heart felt words and his hands make delicate beauty. check out more of his work at his website "mister rob".
Oh and can you imagine the card he would give you for valentines day.
You sweep me away Rob Ryan.


  1. Rob Ryan stole my heart last year... i have his stuff all over the place on my computer! I want to go to London, just to go to his store...
    you can get a few cards with his designs at Penimentos in Newtown :) i got the can we shall we one.

  2. Hi Alyssa how are you?
    I have that one to. "eat our sandwiches on the train" oh i love it.
    Are you going to finders keepers? we should meet up there if we are going at the same time :)

  3. I have a poster of his hanging on the back of my toilet door! I've actually been thinking about his art quite alot lately..
    Have you heard about the art exchange project? I'm currently trying to find some people that would participate in it... you make one peice of art and get 36 in return! If you aren't already doing it and would like to, please, leave me a comment on my blog and i shall send you an email!xx

  4. Hi again.. :)
    well how it all works is that you send (as in through the post) one piece of art to somebody and then find 6 people to join up as well, and eventually you should get 36 in return! if it all works out that is... anyway how about you leave me your email and i will email the information about it to you.. that should help you make more sense of it.

  5. sounds good. my e-mail is and what is your name by the way? I tried to find it on your blog but couldn't see it. x