Sunday, January 10, 2010


So here is my Saturday (Samedi) in Paris. We wanted to check out some flee markets so we went where the tourist book said to go! ha ha it is quite strange thinking I am a tourist or that I don't belong to this country I am roaming around in. We didn't find what I knew to be flee markets, though there was a huge old warehouse that was full of antique and vintage stores but it was the kind of stuff you would imagine to find in the queens house- all so detailed and lovely hand painted furniture. I found some sequins and beads and these fish I am going to use in an artwork. It snowed again today quite heavily- well it was to me anyway! it has been so so cold Cassie a tip for you dear bring clothes you can layer! I have been wearing 3 pairs of pants each day. ha ha.
I feel like I am in Narnia, the snow is so sweet and so delicate and when you look around all the noise fades and you just see this quite and gentle city before you. All along the main river (I have forgotten what it is called) they have vendors selling old books, jewellery and prints of mushrooms. Now I must tell you I am a little disappointed that alot of things have become about money rather than just experiencing Paris- you are bombarded with these tacky souvenir shops that you cant even get a decent snow globe in, that is all I wanted!
We went to the moulin rouge last night for a cabaret show, I didn't realise how 'boobie' it would be! its not like the movie at all but it was very nice we had a sit down dinner and then watched the show. lots of elaborate and loud costumes, decked out in glitter, sequins and feathers.

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  1. Elise, my dear! Sounds like you had as much fun in Paris as I did! The snow was simply magical, and I really enjoyed being cold in January!

    I bought a snow globe from this great place on Rivoli. Paris has great children's toys! I also bought pinwheels, a kaleidoscope and 3 music boxes. So lovely.