Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I miss you..

Now something special I would like to share with you..I got an idea a while ago
for when I went away. I was going to send myself a postcard everyday of what
I did in that day,where I was or what I thought, Like a diary only sent to
my home address. So I did and when I got home they were in a pile on my bed.
I thought it was a sweet idea to be able to know that they travelled across
to world to my postbox and that they had been where I had and even some
placed I hadn't- like a postbox. (I would if I could)
-I am going to do a photo series soon for you.
I miss Paris now that I am home. I didn't think I would at first, but
somehow it snuck back into my heart. I saw past all the souvenir shops and saw a
still and elegant city.

London had a buzz and was 'happening'. I liked the vibe and feeling of the
city. I saw 3 shows- Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing and The Phantom of the Opera.
I give them all a 10/10 for different reasons and would recommend them all.

I didn't mind Hong Kong, it wasn't my favourite. It seemed different depending on
the area you were in. But everywhere we went- hotels, shops and restaurants
everyone was so polite and attentive and payed close attention to detail- which
I love.

This was probably my favourite day:
My journal entry:
On arrival it began to snow. This was my first encounter with this thing that's beauty dissolves almost instantly, it is gone with one glance and only one touch. We checked into our hotel and layered up to what we thought would be efficient and off we went to roam the streets of Paris. I loved looking at how people dressed all kinds of fashions. you've got your classic chic- black and beige or black and black, then you've got the matching coats, hats, gloves and scarves or then the fur coats and hats-probably my favourite.
I felt like I was walking in a movie set and was waiting for the "cut call" from the director and then for things to go back to normal.
At first I was a little discouraged as no one befriended us and I couldn't communicate, but all wasn't lost, i was doing my best to ask for coffee in french and say hello, thank you and goodbye. Id actually love to get french lessons and come back and to be able to hold a topical conversation with someone french.
PS. People write in the snow. all kinds of things. who they love and who their heart belongs to, numbers, hearts and french words i cant read.

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  1. paris steals hearts! that's why it is the city of love.