Sunday, January 10, 2010


Me at Notre-Dame
To those of you who I promised post cards I am posting them tomorrow. The post office is not open on the weekends.
So today is Sunday regardless of what this blog posts this post as. ha ha
So today we got slightly lost on the metro...oops soon figured that out.
We checked out the Louvre and all its famous talent. It got me thinking actually... seeing as I am a 'type' of painter/artist, not traditional but contemporary, why is it that I do not really enjoy traditional art??
I can acknowledge the talent and technique but it doesn't capture my heart!
I was thinking does anyone really love this..I mean to the extent of hanging this on your wall or spending a small fortune on it? or is everyone pretending out of a sign of respect? I don't know..maybe I am just weird, but no one really paints like this anymore. I wonder if I could if I really applied myself..I don't think I would want to actually.. who knows...let me know your thoughts as I would like to discuss this. Oh and how funny is this as I was leaving one of the rooms I heard my name shouted! Emily and Anna (2 of my friends) it was your quite father shouting out to me. hahaha
We also visited Notre Dame. It is exquisite, all the stained glass windows and candles. Although I did not find the hunch back, he was no where to be found.
I cant wait to post some photos and show you the place my eyes have seen and my feet have walked.


  1. ooo the Notre Dame sounds so romantic, hopefully fingers crossed I shall make it there one day too

    mmm with traditional art, I know isn't everyone's pot of tea, so to say, I understand what you're saying, alot of it I really just appreciate, some of its amazing, but it's not like I enjoy it, I just sought of think golly gosh someone did this....
    where as contemporary art can often be more 'imaginative' to me, it has I think more open interpretations, more easily you can just stare and get lost thinking about something irrelevant to what the artists intentions are, but alot of people don't appreciate it like they appreciate traditional :) thats all

    have fun on your trip :)

  2. all i know my love is i like your artwork because it takes me somewhere only my deepest dreams imagine, where as traditional i art i can see that in a part of my world.

    i love you miss you and love you some more