Monday, January 4, 2010

Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
I have never read the book-the original and would very much like to do so-something I will do this year. I had always heard that the book was written while the writer Lewis Carroll was on drugs- this saddened me, However good news... A dear friend of mine who studied English/children's literature told me he actually told these adventures to little girls who lived in his street, and one of the girls name was Alice and that he wrote it for her. Isn't that sweet. I was very pleased to hear that this story was actually not written while completely high, but written with a little girl in mind.
Now as you would all know by now the movie is coming out quite soon. I'm so excited but I am hoping that it wont be made too scary.
March 5th 2010 is the release date. see you in the cinemas with a big tub of popcorn.


  1. Lets go together Eliseyyyyyy xx

  2. The preview looks SCARY- its not going to deter me... But i have a feeling the cutesy Alice is not so cutesy anymore!

  3. hi al. I agree with you...she doesn't seem so sweet