Friday, January 29, 2010

Good News

I have found a studio space and I am moving in on monday.

This only means one thing:

more artworks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I miss you..

Now something special I would like to share with you..I got an idea a while ago
for when I went away. I was going to send myself a postcard everyday of what
I did in that day,where I was or what I thought, Like a diary only sent to
my home address. So I did and when I got home they were in a pile on my bed.
I thought it was a sweet idea to be able to know that they travelled across
to world to my postbox and that they had been where I had and even some
placed I hadn't- like a postbox. (I would if I could)
-I am going to do a photo series soon for you.
I miss Paris now that I am home. I didn't think I would at first, but
somehow it snuck back into my heart. I saw past all the souvenir shops and saw a
still and elegant city.

London had a buzz and was 'happening'. I liked the vibe and feeling of the
city. I saw 3 shows- Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing and The Phantom of the Opera.
I give them all a 10/10 for different reasons and would recommend them all.

I didn't mind Hong Kong, it wasn't my favourite. It seemed different depending on
the area you were in. But everywhere we went- hotels, shops and restaurants
everyone was so polite and attentive and payed close attention to detail- which
I love.

This was probably my favourite day:
My journal entry:
On arrival it began to snow. This was my first encounter with this thing that's beauty dissolves almost instantly, it is gone with one glance and only one touch. We checked into our hotel and layered up to what we thought would be efficient and off we went to roam the streets of Paris. I loved looking at how people dressed all kinds of fashions. you've got your classic chic- black and beige or black and black, then you've got the matching coats, hats, gloves and scarves or then the fur coats and hats-probably my favourite.
I felt like I was walking in a movie set and was waiting for the "cut call" from the director and then for things to go back to normal.
At first I was a little discouraged as no one befriended us and I couldn't communicate, but all wasn't lost, i was doing my best to ask for coffee in french and say hello, thank you and goodbye. Id actually love to get french lessons and come back and to be able to hold a topical conversation with someone french.
PS. People write in the snow. all kinds of things. who they love and who their heart belongs to, numbers, hearts and french words i cant read.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ill be home for christmas..

Well actually I will be home much before Christmas...
However I wanted to share something with you that is as good as is the latest issue of "we like we love magazine".(Actually issue3). This magazine is based in Calgary and is a magazine about sharing the things we like and love.
There are wonderful goodies that will get you inspired. Alyssa Chomick Yuhas is the Art Director and Editor. Liz Field is the executive Director and Shane Yuhas is the Staff Photographer. What a clever bunch, who I adore. Oh and don't forget to check out Alyssa's blog "i like nice things" and pick up the latest issue of we like we love magazine.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye London

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
I havent posted any news in a while-well since I have been in good old London Town. So a little update. Oh i do have ever so much to tell you...but I will tell you in greater detail later over a hot cup of tea. I am in London airport about to head out to Hong Kong. I am very excited. I have done so much shopping, its insane. The shopping is so wonderful. I also did the typical tourist things which are very informing and 'normal'.
I cant wait to get home and post photos for you to see and do an overall highlights feature.
oh and also I will announce the winner of the Give Away for "buyster" soon after my arrival home so make sure you give me your thoughts and enter.
Love to all.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Me at Notre-Dame
To those of you who I promised post cards I am posting them tomorrow. The post office is not open on the weekends.
So today is Sunday regardless of what this blog posts this post as. ha ha
So today we got slightly lost on the metro...oops soon figured that out.
We checked out the Louvre and all its famous talent. It got me thinking actually... seeing as I am a 'type' of painter/artist, not traditional but contemporary, why is it that I do not really enjoy traditional art??
I can acknowledge the talent and technique but it doesn't capture my heart!
I was thinking does anyone really love this..I mean to the extent of hanging this on your wall or spending a small fortune on it? or is everyone pretending out of a sign of respect? I don't know..maybe I am just weird, but no one really paints like this anymore. I wonder if I could if I really applied myself..I don't think I would want to actually.. who knows...let me know your thoughts as I would like to discuss this. Oh and how funny is this as I was leaving one of the rooms I heard my name shouted! Emily and Anna (2 of my friends) it was your quite father shouting out to me. hahaha
We also visited Notre Dame. It is exquisite, all the stained glass windows and candles. Although I did not find the hunch back, he was no where to be found.
I cant wait to post some photos and show you the place my eyes have seen and my feet have walked.


So here is my Saturday (Samedi) in Paris. We wanted to check out some flee markets so we went where the tourist book said to go! ha ha it is quite strange thinking I am a tourist or that I don't belong to this country I am roaming around in. We didn't find what I knew to be flee markets, though there was a huge old warehouse that was full of antique and vintage stores but it was the kind of stuff you would imagine to find in the queens house- all so detailed and lovely hand painted furniture. I found some sequins and beads and these fish I am going to use in an artwork. It snowed again today quite heavily- well it was to me anyway! it has been so so cold Cassie a tip for you dear bring clothes you can layer! I have been wearing 3 pairs of pants each day. ha ha.
I feel like I am in Narnia, the snow is so sweet and so delicate and when you look around all the noise fades and you just see this quite and gentle city before you. All along the main river (I have forgotten what it is called) they have vendors selling old books, jewellery and prints of mushrooms. Now I must tell you I am a little disappointed that alot of things have become about money rather than just experiencing Paris- you are bombarded with these tacky souvenir shops that you cant even get a decent snow globe in, that is all I wanted!
We went to the moulin rouge last night for a cabaret show, I didn't realise how 'boobie' it would be! its not like the movie at all but it was very nice we had a sit down dinner and then watched the show. lots of elaborate and loud costumes, decked out in glitter, sequins and feathers.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Today we walked up the Champs Elysees and I treated myself to some new clothing items from a store named Zara. We walked up the Arc De Triomphe; which had over 200 stairs on a round staircase which made me quite dizzy! I would have prefered a slippery dip on the way down.
And my ut most favourite part of my day was when we went to a cafe called Laduree. Its high ceilings were highly decorated and we enjoyed macaroons and tea.
The tea I drank was called "The Marie Antoinette" and this was its description....Delicious China teas mixed with essential oils of subtle citrus fruit, rose and jasmine flowers flavour, scattered with small pieces of dried fruits and honey.

Bonjour Jeudi

Hello Thursday. It is currentley Friday However I could not get onto the internet yesterday. My entries will be limited due to 15 minute intervals of internet time. Ill add more later. Oh and if my spelling is bad it is because the keyboard letters are all mixed up in paris. So the trip so far. On arrival it snowed and this was my first encounter with this thing that seems like white dust. It quite liked that Paris was our first meeting place.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hong Kong Garden

Have you ever heard that song "Hong Kong Garden?
I really enjoy it. I cant remember to save my life who it is by though. sorry. Will think of it Later I'm sure.
So as you may or may not know I am going to Paris, London and Hong Kong- which I am currently in now waiting for my connecting flight to Paris.
And what a suburb flight so far, even though our plane got delayed by over an hour due to air conditioning problems I did not mind at all. The whole way I watched movies
* Where the wild things are
*Julie and Julia
*500 days of summer and
*The time travellers wife
I think I may be just a big Kid. I loved every minute of looking out the plane window and seeing the sky- I was above the clouds and what a glorious sight it was. It looked as though the clouds were land, like the tops of mountains or huge white coloured fairy floss. I got to see the sun set and this incredible coral orange pink glow surround it. My breath was stolen from my mouth and my heart right out of my chest.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sable Island

Now if you feel like your ears have been lacking wonderful music and lyrics, check out Sable Island. Josh and Dalyce are true talent and have just recently won a song writing competition "Shot in the dark" in Calgary. If you like folk music or even just like good music check out the myspace.

Im off to see the Wizard..

I wonder if there is a wizard in Paris, maybe not, But there is a Queen in London, maybe I will get to glance at her through a tall window, sipping tea out of royal dalton china trimmed with gold-what a sight.
So im off to Paris in 2 sleeps time then london after gay paree. I will keep you all updated.
Happy Holidays

Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
I have never read the book-the original and would very much like to do so-something I will do this year. I had always heard that the book was written while the writer Lewis Carroll was on drugs- this saddened me, However good news... A dear friend of mine who studied English/children's literature told me he actually told these adventures to little girls who lived in his street, and one of the girls name was Alice and that he wrote it for her. Isn't that sweet. I was very pleased to hear that this story was actually not written while completely high, but written with a little girl in mind.
Now as you would all know by now the movie is coming out quite soon. I'm so excited but I am hoping that it wont be made too scary.
March 5th 2010 is the release date. see you in the cinemas with a big tub of popcorn.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


One of My top most favourite shops ever to have lived on this earth-(if shops can live-I think not, but oh well) Oh it excites and inspires me. Located at 294 Sydney Road Balgowlah, Pulp is a creative paper shop and so much more. I get lost in there I tell you. Where ever my eye goes there is beauty. I would like to own everything in it. But if you are ever around Balgowlah- infact even if you are not, go and see and be inspired, even have a shop online, but I tell you dear friend this is a shop to be experienced and to keep in mind for sweet little gifts.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A blank book

Oh it's like a breath of fresh air knowing its a new year. I see a blank paged book eagerly waiting for new stories to be written of adventures, loves, inspirations and opportunities. I hope that this year, a new decade is truly tremendous full of everything your heart desires and all your hopes and wishes.