Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts on paper.

Do yourself a favour and go check out "Rebound books".
Each one handmade from little golden books- remember those- (i still collect them)... your book shelf was full of them when you were a kid! I mostly like looking at them because they bring back memories of when i was little and being read a story every night- how remarkable. if only it was still. what a treat to get to write in them everyday and read your favourite story along the way. everything from day diaries to notebooks and pocketbooks to write your mind and hearts thoughts.
how delightful.


  1. They are beautiful! I was going to order one online for Christmas but luckily I found a small vintage store selling them so I bought it from there, saving me any excess postage. The one I bought even had the girl's name written inside that the book originally belonged too and the year, 1984! I cannot wait to use it next year, it shall be something I'll treasure for life.

  2. Id love to get one. i cant chose though.