Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Romance was born.

I saw a chalk board on the side of the street.. and in white writing it stated "Romance was born", instantly I was captured.
Where was this place that kept all these fascinating and extravagant clothing..the kinds that you wouldn't necessarily see on an ordinary person on the street, but the kind that maybe if you fell off a sail boat and into the sea you would see on a passing fish or a mermaid brushing her hair in a grotto full of discarded treasures.
I found the door that was accompanied by a long hallway, that's paint was pealing off the walls covered in fish nets, shells and a pink neon sign that stated-"Romance was born", I knew it wouldn't be long until I would feel as though I had left the city and gone somewhere wonderful.
I was so astonished when I found myself in a room that was covered in shells, old china, flamingos, old phones, a long couch and a boy with blue hair, also covered in shells who greeted me. Now if you like doilies, pom poms, flowers and shells and have never heard of Romance was born check out their website and be inspired.

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