Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Alyssa.

She likes experimantal music, christmas time, birds, wires and lamp posts.
Thank you to the tremendous Alyssa Chomick Yuhas who decorated and made my blog more colourful. Check out Alyssa's blog it is full of everything from photography, art, fashion infact everything that is inspiring and beautiful. She also has a magazine-"we like we love" which you can purchase. I simply cant get enough. she is an inspiration. Thankyou Alyssa. xx


  1. Please come visit us in Canada. I will introduce you to Alyssa.
    Cyndi C

  2. Momma chomick! Hi i was thinking of you the other day and told dal to tell you i said hi. she better have or im not coming over in your summer! haha thats my plan! june july..see what happens! xx