Friday, September 18, 2009

12 Mary Place. Paddington

As you know I am in an art group- "The Art Tree" and this has been our most recent exhibition as a group at Mary place Gallery in Paddington. The show Petite will be on until the 27th of September so check it out if you can. There is a wide variety of works and styles and your bound to be inspired. Thankyou to all who came to support me on the opening night. It meant alot to me.
This is what my body of work was about-

For me art is about expression and capturing the things that live in my imagination and putting them on paper. Art is almost a diary or documentation for who I meet, where I go and what I discover in my mind and thoughts.
To me ‘petite’ encompasses all the things that are small, delicate and irreplaceable.
I wanted to capture the things that make you merry and things that are like little secrets between you and a memory.
The things that when you see them or think of them they catch your attention instantly and you are whisked away to a past moment in time, where you can recall every detail in that moment. They are like a little surprise dropped into your day and make your heart happy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"simple things into magic"

People who have never seen my work often ask me what my work is like. The following are what I reply:
child like

I think for me as an artist I like to take the simple things and create them in a way that people will notice them. I bring them out, i give them life and a meaning. I think artists see things and the world differently. I often wonder what it would be like to be in someone else's head. is it dull in there or do you have fun?
It's hard sometimes because people who have no background in art are allowed to have an opinion on your art, which sucks if they don't like it. I think for me sometimes I'm afraid that people will look at it and say "I can do that", "how hard is it to make paper boats", "i did that in kindy", but I think its more than the art itself, its the concept/s and meanings, the inspiration behind it and the execution of the work. Just enjoy it and try to see it the way I do.

there is no title for this one.

I like talking about art. that is all.