Friday, August 7, 2009

is that what this is?

as an artist what happens when you feel like anything you do is as significant as crumbs? when you get to the stage of not wanting to produce or do anything for anyone as you feel like anything you do is not good enough?
is this part of being an artist or is this just me and an inability to push through?


  1. its a part of being creative! its like all or nothing sometimes. Try doing something arty that you dont normally do like photography or something to make it a bit less like work :)

    Just a thought


  2. Just have a laugh elfi, relax - even God took a rest from creation.

  3. i think that, as an artist, one has to be egotistical enough -> to feel self important enough -> to create. but at the same time one needs to prove themselves or their art to meet the approval of others.

    this dichotomy is scary (to say the least [and i think that this is the beast that swallows many artists {ala plath}])

    for what it's worth, though - i really really like your art

  4. attack from a different angle x