Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Story

Elise Maree Trickey.
My whole life I have always dabbled in art and been drawn to it. I studied it all through high school and my passion and style began to take flight in year 11 when I was selected to be a part of an intensive workshop at the National Art School Sydney. This workshop is where I believe my artistic ability, mind and style began to reveal itself. With much love and encouragement from my year 12 teacher Mrs. Ramage I was able to jump into my art and express myself. From year 12 I have gone on to study visual arts, so for the past 3 years (07-09) I have studied at School of Creative arts Oxford Falls. It has been a real adventure to discovering my style and also my focus of what I want my art to be about and communicate. As a visual artist I believe that I am meant to tell stories and challenge people’s ideas and thoughts on things so- ultimately open up their own minds and get their thoughts rolling.
My work usually consists of anything and everything-from watercolour,oil pastels,fabric,tuel to old books and found materials.I am a collector. I work with texture and things that grab my attention.

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