Thursday, August 27, 2009

One and Only

Hi one and all.
As most of you know this is my finishing year at C3 college it has been a tremendeous 3 years and so I have to produce a major work and go out with a bang! I would love for you to come and join me and celebrate over wine or champagne-(yet to be decided-who knows maybe both) and explore my heart on paper. (I am revealing to much) details are above on the flyer. bring anyone you like or love, maybe even a date. I dont mind! love to all. x

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sneak Peak

this is just a sneak peak at some of my work for my 3rd year exhibition. hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen as I tell you a story about cupboards and staircases. more to come, stay tuned. put in your diaries Ocotber1st as this is my opening night at blank space on crown street. xx

Art Story

Elise Maree Trickey.
My whole life I have always dabbled in art and been drawn to it. I studied it all through high school and my passion and style began to take flight in year 11 when I was selected to be a part of an intensive workshop at the National Art School Sydney. This workshop is where I believe my artistic ability, mind and style began to reveal itself. With much love and encouragement from my year 12 teacher Mrs. Ramage I was able to jump into my art and express myself. From year 12 I have gone on to study visual arts, so for the past 3 years (07-09) I have studied at School of Creative arts Oxford Falls. It has been a real adventure to discovering my style and also my focus of what I want my art to be about and communicate. As a visual artist I believe that I am meant to tell stories and challenge people’s ideas and thoughts on things so- ultimately open up their own minds and get their thoughts rolling.
My work usually consists of anything and everything-from watercolour,oil pastels,fabric,tuel to old books and found materials.I am a collector. I work with texture and things that grab my attention.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Upcoming show

So this is an upcomg art event by THE ART TREE GROUP! you are all invited. there will be some wine and some wonderful art-your in for a treat! xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Art Tree

The Art Tree is a nothern beaches based art group that I am a part of. Here is our new website! check out the other artists and their work and our upcoming exhibitions.
September the 15th 6-8pm is our opening night for "Petite" at Mary Place Gallery Paddington.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Love Story.

This was my 2nd year art exhabition (08). I exhibited with my gorgeous class mate andrea starr. My body of work explored the idea of what true love is and fairy tales -and how they fit into romance. This was expressed through carnivals, ferris wheels, tea pots and tea parties, Paris- the eiffle tower and little french cafe scenes. Some more of this body of work can be seen on page 12-14 of we like we love magazine, 2nd edition - a magazine put together by Alyssa Chomick and her team. she is truely an inspiration and even though i have never met her i love her very much. xx

work shop

so as you know I had a workshop day with Cheri and it was grand. I built a cricket! we had tea and cupcakes that cheri made and i got to see her studio space which is filled with treasures! cheri is very inspiring and is very great at thinking outside the box and putting pieces of the puzzle together. thanks cheri. xx

Thursday, August 13, 2009

postage paid, letter recieved.

I adore this picture of a pile of stamps in my studio. There is art in everything! so my work shop with cheri went really well! i came home with a cricket whos legs are made out of scrabble letter holders. I am yet to decide whether or not to dress him up in some purple leather me and a friend went and cut off a chair that was on the side of the road for council cleanup or just to leave him as he is.
also this saturday at manly public school me and my friend rachel will be selling out art and some funky knick knacks and trinket treasures if you'd like to join us.
love to all

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanted to put some of my work on here so that all my "followers" (haha myself and my friend alana) can see what my art is all about. This particular body of work is all about marilyn monroe and elizabeth taylor. It was a mixed media assesment in 08, where we had to use different mediums such as wax, indian ink, watercolour, oils, charcol and use them all together. there were 49 squares in total.

art day.

so today I am doing a workshop with my friend Cheri. I am very excited as she is a wiz at thinking outside the box and sculpture! hopefully my creative mind will get a breakthrough and wonderful things will be made by my hands. I also wanted to put in a few photos of my studio-where the magic happens and artworks comes alive.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheer up Charlie

is that what this is?

as an artist what happens when you feel like anything you do is as significant as crumbs? when you get to the stage of not wanting to produce or do anything for anyone as you feel like anything you do is not good enough?
is this part of being an artist or is this just me and an inability to push through?